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  • 4.6/5 (6457 Reviews)

Micro fibre pillow

I got this micro fibre pillow and I love it

Eve mattress

I have been saving all year to get your mattress,so worth the wait.I now get a really good nights sleep and if i wake during the night I can get back to sleep really well which never used to happen

Eve bed and mattress

Very comfortable well worth it I now get a great night's sleep

Great service and quality

Second eve matress we have bought - the quality is outstanding.

Improved sleep on very firm mattress with Eve mattress topper

We bought an extremely firm mattress which was giving my husband serious back problems. The Eve mattress topper has radically improved the situation. As for me, I was reasonably comfortable on the very firm mattress, but am more comfortable with the topper. A win-win.


Sorry not liking my mattress at the moment but the pillows are very very good

A little hard and uncomfortable

A little hard and uncomfortable

It's ok...

Not really different to my cheaper mattress, except it stunk of chemicals for a few days. For the cost I would expect something much better - maybe it's just me, just don't really feel any difference. Nothing wrong with it either - just a mattress... not sure what I was ... expecting.

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Eve mattress

Mattress not helped painful lower back, bedding and quilt excellent.

Excellent Mattress Topper

Following our great experience with the double mattress topper I ordered, including great customer service with sorting out the delivery to a very remote location, I ordered another for my son who just started University. Felicity was very helpful, and my son is really pleased with ... it. Very comfy and great was the message back. Thank you Eve Sleep.

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Fabulous Sleep!

The eve mattress and bed are wonderful. I have had the best nights sleep since owning an eve mattress and bed! Highly recommend the eve mattress and bed frame. I wish I had bought one sooner!

eve products and customer support

I needed to purchase a new mattress and pillows fairly urgently . My wife had been ill in hospital and I wanted her to come back to a new bed. I explained this to the customer service team and their response was excellent . They organised the delivery of the products , agreed a ... time frame for delivery and kept me informed of progress via texts from the delivery company . This meant I could plan the preparations effectively This is an expensive product but amazingly comfortable which means my wife is able to sleep well as part of her recuperation

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We have purchased from Eve previously and had no worries about ordering a mattress for our son to use. He loves it, the downside being it was hard enough to get a 19 year old up in the morning as it was, now it's almost impossible! The addition of the Eve pillows has proven to ... be just like the mattress, wonderful !

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Mattress topper

Hi I bought this for my daughter who has been having trouble sleeping and suffers with back ache. She loves it and said that the very first night on it was the best sleep she's had for ages. Thank you so much...when she eventually stops living in digs we'll get her the ... mattress itself!

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We bought a new bed hoping to cure my bad back but it was too form. Bought this topper after my chiropractor told me my mattress was wrong. I didn’t think it would work but 4 weeks down the line I wish I’d bought it earlier and saved money on a new bed and Chiropractitioner charges. ... Does what it says on the box. Thank you so much

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New Eve Topper

Great product has made my bed so much more comfortable. Great flexibility of sizes and was very pleased to find a longer than usual single (euro). Ordering and delivery experience great. Sensible level of packaging

Wow I’m in love

I’ve got the bundle... and I absolutely love it! Best nights sleep ever! Customer service was also really good, I had a couple of issues with missing items and they were replaced quickly! Too stuff

Finally, a good night's sleep!

We were initially nervous of buying online as all advice said to try in person, but we had seen the ad for eve, and we compared a few online. At first we thought it was going to be too hard, but we've never slept better! Even the fitness loop which records the quality of our ... sleep proves that since we've had eve our restful sleep percentage has increased. We have various back/hip problems and are mostly side sleepers - this is brill!

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Comfy Pillow but too thin!

I was really excited to get this pillow... especially as it was rated one of the highest out of all the main brand memory foam pillows... however, it is SO thin I can't really sleep with it on its own. I have to use a couple of other pillows around it/under it to be comfortable ... and fall asleep. If I liked this pillow I was going to buy a second and get rid of my old ones but now I think I will be trying another brand unfortunately :(

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I am very disgusted. I

I am very disgusted. I bought a mattress with pillows. Unfortunately, the pillows have not been delivered to this day.

Hi Grzegorz, We are sorry to hear that you are not happy with your eve experience. As per our email communication, we are not able to provide you with complimentary pillows with the mattress that you have ordered. We hope that you can understand this and if you need any further clarity please let us know on 0800 808 5766 or on [email protected] Kind regards, The eve Sleep Team.

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