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the mattress protector

The perfect mattress deserves proper protection. Our cotton mattress protector blends a super soft cotton jersey sheet with a Neotherm® membrane. This protects your eve from dust mites, spills, and helps to regulate temperature.


Free delivery and returns within 30 days

  • Delivery - We deliver the mattress protector straight to your doorstep, for free.
  • no-hassle returns - We’ll send you an email with a label to print out. Just attach it to the original packaging and take them to a UPS drop off point. The protector must be unused. We'll refund you once they come back to us.

Extremely thin, made for all mattresses

  • Our cotton mattress protector fits all mattress types and is available in 9 different sizes. It’s ultra thin and works like a fitted sheet. No hassle or stress when making the bed. In fact, you won’t even know it’s there.
  • Own the eve mattress? Even better. Our mattress protector supports all of the mattress’ benefits, like temperature regulation and that typical eve bounciness.

Water resistant and OEKO-TEX® certified

  • The protector is water resistant, so nothing can harm your mattress. Breakfast in bed, spilled coffee, no problem.
  • The cover is OEKO-TEX® 100 Class 1 certified. That means it’s free of nasty chemicals. Even babies can sleep on it.

£ 32

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unbelievably uncomplicated

The cotton mattress protector is low maintenance, no matter if you have to change the bed or put it into the wash. It’s all pretty straight forward. At the same time it’s so thin, you’ll hardly realise it’s there. And if you spill something, you’ll be glad it is.


Fitted sheet design

  • The mattress protector works like a fitted sheet. You can simply put it over your mattress. No annoying loops or tucking in required - everything stays neatly in its place.
  • When you unwrap the protector for the first time you might be surprised at just how thin and soft it is. In fact, it is so thin and cosy, you could even use the protector without a sheet.

Supports the mattress

    The protector supports all benefits of the eve mattress. It regulates the temperature so you’re never too hot or too cold. It even supports the bounciness of the eve mattress.

high quality materials

Like all eve products, we only used the very best materials to make the protector.


100% organic cotton

  • The top layer is made of 100% organic cotton. It’s extremely soft and cosy and absorbs moisture and sweat.
  • We only used combed fibres. That means that we got rid of the smaller, fluffier fibres and only work with the long, high quality ones. These longer fibres not only make the material incredibly soft, but durable too.


  • The bottom layer is made of a Neotherm® membrane. This makes the protector both water resistant and breathable.
  • The Neotherm® membrane also protects your bed from dust mites. Perfect if you have allergies.

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