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eve pillow reviews

  • 4.5/5 (1583 Reviews)

Great Product

We love all of our eve purchases we have a mattress pillows and linen all are great

What’s more important than a good nights sleep ?!

I’ve had my original eve mattress for over two years ... and I still love it !! I also have the pillows and they are a perfect match for me . For me there is nothing more important than a good nights sleep.... and I get this every night with my eve mattress :-)


Good nights sleep but have only used it for a few days as we have been away therefore we have given it four stars


Super 👍🏻, very confortable, great service and communication

Comfortable and firm

This pillow offers the right amount of support without being overly firm. The best memory foam pillow I've had so far. If you prefer something softer, the hybrid pillow is also great. They both seem well made and durable. Delivery was a bit slow but worth the wait.


Pillows are very comfortable. I was apprehensive about using a memory foam pillow however the eve pillow is perfect in every way... I fact I don’t have as many aches and pains... all round excellent


Good solid pillows

No More Scrunchy Neck

Hi Everyone, I've had an Eve mattress for a few years now and I would not swap. When old Tempur pillow finally gave in I ordered an Eve pillow. So far after the first few days the difference is I no longer have a scrunched up neck. My head and neck are kept in line all night ... and I sleep is better for that. From my experience with the mattress I know the pillow will feel even better over the next week as we get used to each other. Thank you Eve

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Took a few days to

Took a few days to get use to new mattress but now I wouldn’t change it for anything superb !

The best pillows I have

The best pillows I have ever slept on the mattress is taking a bit longer to get used to but a big improvement in my over all nights sleep

Changed the way I sleep

Whilst buying this mattress felt like a bit luxury I can honestly say that it’s changed how I sleep. I’m now sleeping much better and not waking up with back aches or sore joints. Would highly recommend an eve mattress to everyone.

Best nights sleep ever!!

I used to toss and turn most nights and waking up in morning still tired,after getting the eve ive slept right through every night,my back is also a lot better since buying the eve. It’s the best money I’ve spent in a long time wish I’d bought one sooner,the free pillows were ... a bonus,I’ll never go back to a normal mattress now and would definitely buy another eve when I need to in future!!

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Good review

Great feel and I have a better sleep. Love it . Great mattress..

Lovely Pillow

Firm, supportive and soft all at the same time.

A great night sleep

Such an improvement over my standard sprung mattress.

The most comfortable sleep ever

We’ve had our mattress for two is the best sleep ever.

Fantastic Mattress that’s worth every single penny

I would highly recommend this mattress. So comfortable and warm. It is by far the best mattress I have ever had.

Yeah boiii

Beds yooo.


Having already purchased a Eve mattress the pillows were next. Both mattress and pillows very comfortable.

Great service

Due to a hicup with my order I had to contact customer service, their response was very quick and my hiccup was resolved to my satisfaction