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the pocket spring mattress

Welcome to the world’s most comfortable pocket spring mattress, by eve. Our spring is luxuriously comfortable, made in the UK and finished by hand. Want to try it? No problem. We offer a 100 night home trial.


One mattress fits all

  • Our pocket spring mattress is medium firm. It provides just the right amount of support and maximum comfort for all sleepers. It’s also, of course, available in all the usual sizes.

Free delivery, returns & 100 night trial

  • We deliver the mattress in 3 to 5 working days directly to your bedroom, for free. We’ll give you a 2 hour delivery time slot in which the mattress will arrive. Once it’s there, we remove the packaging and take it with us, too.
  • We also offer a 100 night trial, so you can sleep easy whilst you decide if it’s the right mattress for you. 100 times over. If you're not happy, you can return it for free.

10 year guarantee

  • The mattress comes with a comprehensive 10 year guarantee. If it fails due to a manufacturing fault within the 10 year warranty period, we’ll exchange it for a brand new one. It’s that simple.


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the protector

The perfect mattress deserves proper protection. Our protector blends a super soft cotton jersey sheet with a Neotherm® membrane, which is both waterproof and breathable. This protects your eve from dust mites, spills, and helps to regulate temperature.


hand finished in the UK

We like to know where products come from, and we thought you would too. The spring mattress is made from the highest quality materials in the UK and finished by hand - yes, real hands. We worked hard to develop the mattress and ensure every detail adds something special.


The plush outer cover

  • The cover is made of a plush, knitted polyester with a delicate, soft surface. It’s hand tufted, a traditional mattress technique that helps to keep everything in the right place.

5 layers of comfort

  • Suffice to say we’ve put all the good stuff into this mattress to make it the best it can be. The combination of silk, pure new wool and cotton layers actively wick moisture and keep you cool during the night. They also add depth and softness, and help maintain bounce.

The world’s best springs

  • Some mattresses contain lots of tiny springs, some almost as small as those in the top of a biro. But our research told us those don’t do much to support you. Ours are full size springs and they’re 20cm tall. That makes them big enough to do their job, yet small enough to support you in all the right places. We’ve also put in the optimum number - that’s 2,000 for the spring nuts amongst you - that go into the king size. We scale that up or down for the other sizes.


Country of origin

The mattress was created by leading product designers in London and is manufactured and hand finished in Great Britain.


  • Two-way stretch knitted 100% polyester
  • Jiffy tuft felt collars to keep fillings evenly distributed and in place
  • 4 easy-carry eve double-sided yellow, flag-stitched handles (8 handles on UK Super King and up).
  • 4 silver vents for maximum airflow and ventilation.

Luxurious wool/silk pad

  • Luxurious wool/silk blend fibre layer for optimum comfort
  • Moisture wicking for a cooler and more comfortable night’s sleep
  • Temperature regulating

Pure new wool

  • Natural pure wool pad
  • Moisture wicking and highly durable
  • Keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter

Responsive polyester cushioning layer

  • Highly responsive bounce-back layer
  • Superior recovery
  • Cushions for maximum comfort

Durable polyester and cotton layer

  • Maintains the mattress’ comfort and bounce over time and support the top layers with recovery
  • Prevents the other layers from sinking inwards

Needlefelt insulator

  • Secures springs in place to ensure long-term rigidity and firmness
  • Works in harmony with the pocket springs to maximise their flexibility and performance

2000* full size pocket spring layer

  • Medium firm tension 20cm pocket springs
  • Nested spring layout to maximise even weight distribution
  • Tempered spring to increase performance and durability
  • Excellent contouring and support
  • Great motion isolation and reduced interruption from a partner’s movements
  • Exceptional air circulation
  • *based on UK King Size

Stitchbond base

  • Strong, rigid and highly durable to protect against general wear from your bed frame underneath

quality and craftsmanship

When it comes to mattresses, we do things right. We focused on traditional craftsmanship and finding the best possible combination of premium materials. Our layers of silk, pure new wool and cotton are carefully placed together and tufted - a classic mattress technique to keep the springs in place.

your life, simplified

We believe in keeping it simple. We know the mattress industry is full of jargon and too often sends us to sleep. We like to get to the point so we’ve made the perfect pocket spring and deliver it straight to your bedroom nice and easy.


Delivered to your bedroom

  • The spring mattress comes ready to sleep on and carefully wrapped, ready for its undressing. Each delivery is a two-person job, so you can relax whilst we deliver it right to your bedroom. Easy.

Old mattress removal

  • For an extra cost of £20, we’ll take your old mattress away and send it to be recycled. Just get in touch with our customer service team to arrange the removal: 0800 808 5766.

Easy payment options

  • We offer all the usual ways to pay (credit cards, debit cards) but we also take payment via PayPal, and if you need a hand, we offer interest free credit via our partners at Close Brothers, so long as your order is a minimum of £349.

Excellent customer service

  • Life is easier when our dream team has your back. Our top rated, London-based customer service team is available to answer any of your questions, and make your experience with eve nothing short of delightful. Chat with us online or give us a call for more info.

Making the most of every spring

Our steel springs are at the heart of our pocket spring mattress and give it its active support and bounce. To multiply each spring's superpowers, we heat treated every single one to make it stronger. Then we put each one into an individual pocket so they can move in isolation. That means's if you share your bed with a fidgeter, you can still sleep soundly without interruption.

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