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choose the right mattress


Learn how to choose a mattress

Choosing a mattress can be a complicated business, with countless products on Me market featuring different materials and dimensions. However here at eve we know that there are two factors that should outweigh the rest: comfort and support.

Ensuring that you prioritize these qualities is the first step in choosing a mattress.

When thinking about how to choose a mattress, it is also important to consider how it enhances your sleep. Ideally, a mattress should keep your body aligned during the night order to stop backache and body curving. Additionally, the comfort levels of your mattress will help you to sleep deeper for optimal rest. Take a look at this mattress guide for further guidance.


Testing is a crucial part of choosing the right mattress; however, it can be difficult to make an informed judgement after just a few minutes browsing in a mattress store.

When testing, you should ensure you lie down in a number of different position to see how the mattress supports your body by replicating conditions during night time movements.

If you still decide to purchase a mattress despite only testing It for a short while, you should be aware Of the respective warranties and returns conditions. These con vary from distributor to distributor and It Is Important to read the small print associated with your mattress purchase.

Choosing a mattress with eve

Whilst choosing a mattress from a high street retailer may present problems due to the short time to test. Eve makes choosing the right mattress easy—since we promote the perfect balance between comfort, support and durability.

Crafted from a high density reflex foam base layer, a high-resilience comfort layer and a new— generation memory foam top layer, each eve mattress is designed to support your body effortlessly—allowing you to enjoy great sleep, night after night.

Here at eve, we believe we have created the most comfortable mattress in the world. Why not try it out for yourself and learn how to choose a mattress that provides you with everything you need for a great night’s sleep.

We offer you a 100-day home trial so you can test your new eve Mattress in the comfort of your own home. This means you have plenty of time to decide if eve is the right mattress for you, without the pressure of pushy sales people.

What’s more, if you find that eve is not the perfect sleeping partner, we’ll arrange to collect your mattress at a convenient time at no extra cost and give you a full refund. However once you’ve spent the night on our beautifully designed and engineered mattress, we think you’ll never go back.

We are so confident in the quality of our product that each eve Mattress comes with a 10-year guarantee as standard. This means that in the unlikely event your mattress fails, you are fully covered.

You can rest assured that your eve mattress will fit any bed type, you only need to select the correct size.

Additionally, free delivery of your mattress in one of our specially designed boxes means that you can easily manoeuvre it through awkward hallways and staircases and place it directly on your bed.


We encourage our customers to enjoy a 100 night eve sleepover. If during that time you decide that eve isn't for you, just call us and we'll arrange to collect the mattress at your convenience. We won't charge you for the collection and will offer you a full refund.


Your eve mattress is guaranteed for 10 years.

That's 3,650 mornings of waking up and feeling ready to give the day a big hug.