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the mattress

The world's most comfortable mattress, by eve. Try it at home risk-free, with our 100 night money back home trial. Sleep easy with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.


Why eve

  • Achieved through 4 years of optimisation, customer feedback and 70,000 prototypes. Because perfection is not subjective.
  • The mattress’ unique layering system and next generation memory foam offer more bounce and a cooler, more tranquil sleep.

Free Delivery, Returns, & Home Trial

  • Delivery - We deliver straight to your doorstep, for free. We even offer next working day delivery for most of the UK if you order before 1pm (Mon-Fri).
  • Home Trial - We give you 100 nights to make sure the eve is just right for you. If you’re not 100% happy with your eve we’ll pick it up straight from your bedroom, for free, and fully refund your purchase. We’re confident once you try the eve you’ll want to keep it forever.

Our Guarantee

  • The mattress comes with a comprehensive 10 year guarantee. If your mattress fails due to a manufacturing fault within the 10 year warranty period, we'll exchange it for a brand new one. It's that simple.


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the protector

The perfect mattress deserves proper protection. Our protector blends a super soft cotton jersey sheet with a Neotherm® membrane, which is both waterproof and breathable. This protects your eve from dust mites, spills, and helps to regulate temperature.


your life, simplified

At eve we believe in keeping it simple. We start by designing beautiful products to simplify your life, and finish by making them easier than ever to own in your own home.


One mattress fits all

  • Finding the right mattress used to be complex. With hundreds of options, impenetrable jargon, and pushy salespeople it was easy to get lost.
  • We set out to fix this with a radically simple approach. We designed one mattress made from the highest quality materials. Then we cut out the middleman to offer it directly to you, at a significantly lower price.

Delivered to your doorstep, in a box

  • The mattress comes straight to your doorstep, compressed, vacuum sealed, and neatly rolled in a box. Simply unwrap it in your bedroom, and the mattress will expand to normal size within a few hours. This means you’ll never have to wedge, angle, or maneuver a full mattress up and down stairs or through narrow hallways.
  • We offer free delivery. If, for whatever reason, you choose to return your mattress within the trial period, we will pick it up straight from inside your home, also for free.

Easy payment options

    • Credit or Debit card
    • Paypal
    • Interest-free credit (with Close Brothers) - min. amount £349

Customer Service Sleep Experts

  • Life is easier when our dream team has your back. Our top rated, London-based customer service team is available to answer any of your questions, and make your experience with eve nothing short of delightful. Chat with us online or give us a call for more info.

what's inside

After testing many foam compositions, we settled on the use of three layers, surrounded by a plush fabric cover. Our memory foam mattress is made from the highest quality materials, assembled exclusively in the UK. Click a layer below to learn what makes it tick.


Plush Fabric Cover

  • The knitted cover is made of two-way stretch polyester and dorlastan, which gives you a highly elastic, resilient and soft surface to lie on, accentuating the effects of the memory foam beneath. Why polyester? Because it’s breathable and tough – meaning it won’t make you sneeze and it won’t lose its sparkle.
  • For the sides of the mattress we chose a gorgeous yellow fabric with unique airflow qualities, to make the mattress cooler and more breathable.
  • The materials used in the cover have been tested and approved by industry experts, ensuring that there are no harmful or unpleasant substances that lurk in some lower quality mattresses.
  • The top is zippable and can be washed at 40℃ so you can keep your eve fresh.

Contouring Memory Foam

  • Directly under that lovely cover are three glorious centimetres of responsive memory foam. It may not sound like much, but we found through our extensive research that it’s exactly the right amount to keep you supported and comfortable. The foam's elasticity is designed to contour to your body, to relieve pressure points and encourage ease of movement while you sleep.
  • This layer has high motion isolation and absorbs disturbances, so you can sleep soundly even while your partner tosses and turns.
  • It’s open cell-structure works in harmony with our core layer to make our mattress ultra breathable.

Breathable Cooling Layer

  • This one is a biggie. The 3 cm, cooling layer at the core of the mattress ensures you wake up feeling refreshed. The material it’s made of is 30 times more breathable than regular old memory foam, which means you’ll wake up smiling, not perspiring. It's scientifically proven to wick moisture and dissipate heat from the body and has enhanced durability through improved cell-structure.

Supportive Base Layer

  • The eve is built on a thick layer of ultra-resilient base foam. It may not sound sexy, but this high density layer provides the mattress with its foundation, fortifying the layers above. It’s so supportive you can do acroyoga on it. No, really, we tested it.
  • We worked hard to find a base that would provide just the right bounce. When you lie down on the eve you’ll feel it pressing back in all the right places.


Country of origin

eve was created by some of London’s leading product designers and is manufactured in our factory in Great Britain.


  • 0.5cm high point elasticity polyester/dorlastan blend cover
  • Highly breathable
  • Temperature regulating
  • Naturally flame retardant, no additional fire retardant chemicals required
  • Washable at 40℃
  • Zippable top
  • New generation memory foam

  • 3 cm next generation memory foam
  • Pressure relieving
  • Responsive
  • Highly elastic
  • CertiPUR® certified and tested to British and European quality standards
  • Open cell structure for a cooler sleep
  • Breathable cooling layer

  • 3 cm breathable open-cell foam
  • Proven to wick moisture and dissipate heat from the body
  • 30 times more breathable than a conventional visco-elastic foam
  • Temperature regulating
  • Enhanced durability through improved cell structure
  • CertiPUR® certified and tested to British and European quality standards
  • High density base layer

  • 18 cm support foam
  • Reactive support
  • Superior durability and recovery
  • CertiPUR® certified and tested to British and European quality standards
  • Certificates

    For safe and healthy sleep, all of the foam materials we use are CertiPUR® certified, which means that they have been independently tested to ensure no harmful chemicals are in your mattress. All our raw materials are sourced from National Bed Federation members, so you can be sure that the contents of your mattress are of the highest quality. NBF’s stringent code of practice sets out criteria for ensuring processes and procedures are in place and compliance with regulatory requirements, including flammability, cleanliness of fillings and trade descriptions.

    The eve mattress is manufactured using ISO 9001 quality standards. Each mattress is subjected to critical quality checks throughout the entirety of the production process, from when the foam is very first cut, all the way through to the finished mattress, just so we’re certain that all our materials and specifications meets your needs.

    All foam in the manufacture of our mattresses are CFC and PBDE free and all components comply with UK fire regulations BS 7177:2008 +A1:2011 Low hazard for domestic use.

    rest easy, no matter how you sleep

    The eve keeps you comfortable and supported no matter how you sleep, or what bed type you place it on.


    Firmness Level

    • We describe the mattress as medium firm. However, in truth our unique layering system means the eve’s base layer gives you the support of a firm mattress combined with the comfort and luxury of the softer top.

    Sleeping positions

    • The mattress provides just the right comfort and support for all sleeping positions, whether you snooze on your side, nap on your back, or slumber on your stomach.
    • The contouring memory foam allows the mattress to adjust to your body position and relieve pressure points - no matter how you sleep.

    Works on all bed types

    • The memory foam mattress can function on any bed base. We recommend you use it with slatted bases to really benefit from its amazing properties. If a slatted base is being used, we recommend that the gaps do not exceed 7cm, it is also important that slats are secured, evenly spaced and rigid.
    • We recommend changing your spring divan before placing any mattress on it, as worn-out springs could impact the feel and quality over time.

    quality, guaranteed

    We’ve tested the eve mattress with this machine to simulate 10 years of wear. That's why we can guarantee it for 10 years. 3,650 mornings of waking up and feeling ready to give the day a hug.


    Rigorous testing

    • The mattress has undergone compression testing to British and European standards which simulates what 10 years of usage looks like
    • Our tests have shown that the product had no damage to stitching or displaced fillings. The overall height loss was less than 1%.
    • Each individual foam has also been tested independently to ensure only the highest quality components are selected.

    Superior materials

    • All our raw materials are sourced from National Bed Federation members, so you can be sure that the contents of your mattress are of the highest quality.

    10 year guarantee

    • The warranty covers issues with mattress performance that cause the mattress to lose its shape or the components split or crack despite normal usage and proper handling. Full details can be found on our FAQ page.
    • The guarantee does not cover conditions resulting from normal wear and tear.

    featured reviews

    • The best mattress I’ve ever slept on
      Dan H.

      I’ve waited a couple of months before writing this as I read a lot of hype and I wasn’t sure if the mattress would really be worth it - I can tell you that for us it’s been great.

      I found it hard to get past all the overwhelmingly positive reviews and usual internet forum slating (especially by those who are happy to settle for something of a lesser quality), but we decided to give it a go and I’m glad we did.

      We bought the super king version and as rather large people ourselves it’s performed brilliantly - firm without being hard. If you can afford it, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

    • Sleeping like a baby
      Marla C.

      I have struggled with back pain for years following an injury and changed our mattress hoping this would help me somewhat. After reading all the positive reviews on the Eve website we ordered ours and received it promptly two days later. Both my partner and I are sleeping so soundly now, I am excited about getting into bed every night and while my pain has not gone completely, (it\s not a miracle worker), I am not waking up during the night tossing and turning in discomfort and am waking feeling refreshed and on the whole pain free. The mattress is firm but not hard, moulding to you slightly and so giving excellent support. I am so happy with it and have been recommending it to family and friends and will order any future mattresses we need from them without hesitation. I have had no issues with the 'new smell' of the mattress as was mentioned in some other reviews, nor with it making me hot during the night-it is perfect in my eyes and the bright yellow surround even makes me smile while I\m changing the bed linen (so maybe a miracle worker after all). My boyfriends only complaint was that I hadn\t bought the pillows too! 10/10

    • So far very good
      Hiren C.

      Having tried a plethora of pillow types and from various brands I still had problems getting a comfortable nights sleep! Memory foam style pillows were good sometimes in supporting the neck and shoulder area however there were days where I would wake up with a really stiff neck and upper shoulders.

      Saw the evematress advert on the tube so went to the website, liked what I read and thought why not give it a shot. Customer service and delivery was excellent. At first I found the pillow to be too soft and reverted back to my old pillow. However after a week gave it another go and so far have had excellent night sleeps since. Haven't had any aches or stiffness at all so am very satisfied!

    • Smartest Purchase I've Made For a While.
      Rory W.

      The mattress arrived quickly, and unboxing it was a pleasure. Tempted to buy another just to watch one rise again!

      And when it comes to comfort, everyone that has tried it has had the same experience of it being, the most comfortable thing they've ever experienced.

    • Fantastic service and fantastic mattress
      Alex W.

      I've been using another well known brand memory foam mattress for 10 years and it needed replacing and having seen their 90 day trial advertised I thought I'd give Eve a go. From the moment I contacted them the service was amazing and they even shipped my mattress to France for me at no extra cost (unbelievable!). The mattress is also perfect, very comfortable and I'm very happy with it. My husband is the fussiest sleeper (you know the story about the princess and the pea?!) and he's not even noticed the difference so I'm chuffed with that.

      If you haven't tried memory foam mattresses before give it a go and you'll be sorry you didn't do it sooner. I can't recommend Eve and it's mattresses enough.

    • Very comfortable but quite thick!
      Rob K.

      I bought this replace a terrible John Lewis mattress we purchased for our daughter. The mattress itself is very comfortable and very well made. My only critique is that it is quite a bit thicker than a normal mattress which is only an slight issue as she is on the top bunk! Otherwise, a great product from a UK company.

    • I was sceptical but...oh myyyyy
      Colin J.

      We had our first night on a new Eve mattress last night and it was good, very good. We both woke feeling well rested and happy with the world. I mistakenly ordered the wrong size but the company stepped up and managed the replacement process very effectively. I'm so pleased we decided to change our old IKEA mattress, why oh why didn't we do it years ago. The only down side is that now I can't go on holiday without taking this bad boy with us.

    • Great
      Chris A.

      Ordered a standard double and two pillows.

      Great stuff all round, in chronological order; great website, U.K. made, bargain price, quick delivery, well packaged, top quality products, followed by a great nights sleep...zzz

      I don't envisage sending it back within the trial period, but reassuring to know the company is that confident in their product.

      The only thing that gets anywhere near a negative is the egg yolk yellow sides/piping can be seen through our nice white cotton sheets/pillow cases. Not a major issue for us, and there's plenty of ways around it. It's fair enough and I think they can be forgiven, as a strong brand identity is pretty important.

      10/10, well done all round.

    • It wasn't for us.
      Duane M.

      We purchased a kingsize eve mattress. We were very pleased with the price and speed of the delivery. The mattress quickly unpacked and plumped up. Unfortunately the first few nights sleep quickly confirmed to us that memory foam mattresses are not for us. I emailed eve to start the refund, which they were very happy to help sort out and the mattress was collected and my money refunded very quickly. In all I was very happy with the service I received. Thanks again.

    • EXCEPTIONAL Customer Service and WONDERFUL mattress
      Kate L.

      I cannot ever remember having a Customer Service experience to rival eve's!

      Our mattress box arrived a little damaged from transit. When I contacted the Customer Service team, they could not have been more helpful. They ensured our product was up to scratch, welcomed our feedback and comments, and then sent a HAND-WRITTEN note to apologise for our disappointment with the box!! Brilliant.

      Oh, and the mattress is the most comfortable thing I've slept on in years! I struggle with back issues and have not had a full night's unbroken sleep for a VERY long time. Until eve... I now sleep right through the night and only wake when the alarm goes off! This is life-changing! Thank you eve.

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    • “Buy Now. New British firm eve’s mattresses come in every size imaginable.”

    • “I wish I could invite you around for a sleepover because this is the BEST and MOST COMFORTABLE mattress I have ever slept on.”

    • “Eve delivers high quality mattresses at a fraction of high street prices.”

    designing eve

    The memory foam mattress wasn't born overnight. Learn more about our journey on the road to the world's most comfortable mattress.

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