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Why did no one tell me mattresses could be this dreamy?

by: All That Is She

The surprisingly small box from Eve Sleep (a real ‘a mattress is in there, really?’ moment), was quickly torn open and out came the vacuum packed package. We opened the packaging and watched in excitement as our mattress inflated and then left it alone for the excruciatingly long 3 hours as instructed (apart from a few rebellious prods and pokes) and at the exact time we were allowed to, we both scampered upstairs to do the obligatory flop. And I can now say that it’s like sleeping on a cloud, seriously. Why did no one tell me mattresses could be this dreamy? We opted for the Eve Sleep Super King to accommodate any night time visitors we may take in and although Penny does tend to stay in her own bed most nights, when she does fancy visiting we’ve got just enough room to avoid the usual sardines in a tin feeling.

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It’s INCREDIBLY comfortable and you really feel the full support of it.

by: Swoonworthy

The cover is a soft knit fabric that feels soft and lovely, not like that scratchy awful polyester that most mattresses are covered with. Below the cover there is a layer of memory foam which is natural, antimicrobial and keeps your body cool whilst providing a bit of ‘bounce’ – this also moulds to your body when you put your weight on it. It’s INCREDIBLY comfortable and you really feel the full support of it.

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It’s really nice and cozy, so we’re really happy with it.

by: Hege in France

I think the duvet from Eve Mattress is a brilliant idea. I mentioned already that it’s called the all season duvet. It’s a really clever idea. I was a little confused when I received this as I actually received two duvets. I got the Spring/Summer and the Autumn/Winter duvets and guess what?! Together they make the ALL SEASON duvet and 13.5 tog, if you talk duvet language. Brilliant! So all you have to do is attach the 4 corners with the little button clips provided and the two duvets hold together. I love it! So like I mentioned earlier it’s really cold just now and we’ve tested the all seasons option. It’s really nice and cozy, so we’re really happy with it. I dread Winter and always feel the cold, so I’m very grateful to have somewhere nice and warm to sleep.

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That ideal balance between soft and hard that actually takes care of my back

by: Whitney's Wonderland

Who doesn't love getting into their dream bed and tucking themselves into their fresh sheets while laying their head on a comfortable pillow?! One of my biggest pleasures in life without doubt! Eve has created the most comfortable mattress ever made for a very reasonable price and I'm so lucky to have my very own eve mattress and pillows, and get that #evesleepfeeling every night since then! These mattresses don't lose their shape as they're made from memory foam, which distributes pressure evenly. Plus, the branding is so happy!!!

Yes, we are indeed a converted eve mattress family.

by: Little Big Bell

Yes, we are indeed a converted eve mattress family. This is my son’s room with his new Eve mattress. The mattress comes all vacuum packed in a beautifully designed box, making it easy to carry. In fact, I was amazed at how they were able to pack such a big mattress into such a small box. I actually adore that yellow edging to the mattress. I need to find out from eve if they sell a bed cover with that trademark yellow. If not, I think they should, I love the way it looks. it really draws out all the pops of yellow in his room.

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I also love the fact that the Eve mattress is lovingly designed and manufactured right here in the UK.

by: The Design Sheppherd

Whilst most people these days tend to opt for memory foam mattresses as they offer the most comfortable experience available, there are two common complaints about memory foam. Firstly, it is a hot sleeping surface and secondly it is a non responsive surface so you tend to sink into the mattress. To counter these complaints, the designers have added an extra layer of latex which sits on top of the memory foam offering a cooler surface with more bounce. Clever!

Thank goodness this mattress exists!

by: Fifi McGee

I feel like it was the best investment of my time I've ever made getting this mattress. I once had really interrupted sleep, but from day 1 with Eve, I haven't woken up at all during the night (apart from when a fox started howling in our garden!) The memory foam really works for me. I can feel it moulding to my sleeping position taking pressure off certain places that the previous mattress (a pocket sprung) didn't. I've discovered that if you share a bed with someone who moves a lot in their sleep, having a memory foam Eve mattress is a really good choice because you can't feel the bed moving. Well, not much anyway. It's sturdier than a pocket sprung mattress, but comfortable too.

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Wave goodbye to uncomfortable mattresses

by: Heart Home

eve’s founders have used their knowledge, experience, and passion to launch an innovative new concept that rethinks and simplifies every aspect of buying a mattress, placing the consumer at the heart of the process and combining revolutionary technology with maximum comfort.

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Finally a mattress company that has nailed it!

by: Kavita Cola

Finally a mattress company that has nailed it! I remember when I last bought a mattress, it felt like a minefield of options of random retailers, different opinions and extortionate prices for something that might actually not be suited. eve Sleep have streamlined this process by providing a simple and seamless process of buying your perfect mattress. Consisting of a new generation of memory foam, there are no springs attached. I was new to learn that springs in mattresses lose 16% of their support within the first year as they don’t distribute pressure evenly. This new generation memory foam is super comfortable and evenly distributes this pressure, whilst not overheating and staying bouncy at the same time.

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Beside being used as a trampoline by Mila, it’s fab!

by: Bodie and Fou

Obviously since it took me three years to get my acts together, getting a new mattress was on my wish list but not on my priority list – it’s an expensive purchase and not the most exciting one! – but as this year, my focus is very much on my well-being, eating clean and sleeping well, all I can say is that since we got our new Eve mattress, I wish we had got one earlier.

A comfortable night sleep is the best medicine in the world

by: The Gentleman Blogger

I slept on eve the other night and woke up refreshed and ready to hit the road again. I enjoyed the thickness of the mattress as well as its cooling system which definitely aids in having a good night sleep. Before actually getting out of bed I just laid there on that heavenly mattress doing some light reading, updating the blog like a proper gentleman.

Honestly like sleeping on a cloud

by: Old Fashioned Susie

That feeling lasted all of a few hours as the first nights sleep on it was glorious! Honestly like sleeping on a cloud. I found that I wasn’t woken as easily by my other half turning over or getting up in the night either. I’m a real convert to the ‘no springs’ approach. I loved being in bed before but now I’m finding excuses to go to bed earlier- in fact I’m writing this post on the bed. Obsessed much?!